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"The Price Effects of Greening Vacant Lots: How Neighborhood Attributes Matter" with Shane Jensen (Wharton) and Susan Wachter (Wharton), Real Estate Economics, Vol 51, 573–610, 2023. [SSRN]

Takeaway of the studyHigh resolution map of (un)greened vacant lots 

Presentation: CSU Fullerton Brownbag Seminar, 2022; ASSA-AREUEA Meeting, New Orleans, 2023 

Media Coverage: Analytics at Wharton; Penn Institute for Urban Research; PhillyVoice  

"Mortgage Risk Premiums during the Housing Bubble" with Adam Levitin (Georgetown) and Susan Wachter (Wharton), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Vol 60, No.4, 2020. [SSRN

Takeaway of the study 

Presentation: 46th AREUEA National Conference, Washington DC, 2018

"Endowments and Minority Homeownership" with Arthur Acolin (UW) and Susan Wachter (Wharton)

Cityscape, Vol 21, No.1, 2019. [SSRN

Takeaway of the study 

Presentation: Urban Institute Data Talk, Washington DC, 2019; ASSA-AREUEA Meeting, San Diego, 2020

​​Media Coverage: Urban Institute Data Talk; Housing Matters

Work in Progress

"Impact of Land Options on the Timing of Development: Evidence from a Vacant Lot Greening Program in Philadelphia" with Susan Wachter


"Yes, in My Backyard: Sharing Economy and Neighborhood Impact in New York City" with Betty Wang

"Nonbank Mortgage Lending, Regulation and Macroeconomic Transmission"

Working Papers

"Why Do Young Adults Co-Reside with Their Parents?" with Arthur Acolin and Susan Wachter [SSRN]

Presentation: ASSA-AREUEA Meeting, San Antonio, 2024 (Scheduled)


"Housing Search and Rental Market Intermediation" (Job Market Paper)

Presentation: 37th ARES Annual Meeting (virtual), 2021; North America Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society (virtual), 2021

"REIT Capital Structure Choices: When Does Preparation Matter?" with Andrey Pavlov (Simon Fraser), Eva Steiner (PSU) and Susan Wachter (Wharton). [SSRN]

Presentation: ASSA-AREUEA Meeting (virtual), 2022

"Land Use Regulation, Regulatory Spillover and Housing Prices" with Susan Wachter (Wharton) [SSRN]

Presentation: Annual PhD Conference on Real Estate and Housing, OSU, 2019; 47th AREUEA National Conference, Washington DC, 2019; ESCP-TAU-UCLA Conference on Low-Income Housing Supply and Housing Affordability, Madrid Spain, 2019; 14th Urban Economic Association, Philadelphia, 2019; AEA-ASSA Meeting, San Diego, 2020; 36th ARES Annual Meeting, Fort Mayers (cancelled)

"Housing Boom, Mortgage Default and Agency Friction" [SSRN]

Presentation: Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings, Nashville, 2018; 13th Annual Economics Graduate Students Conference, WUSTL, 2018; Penn Macro Lunch, Penn, 2018; 32th AREUEA-ASSA Doctoral Session, Atlanta, 2019

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