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"From Vacancy to Verdancy? The Impact of Land Options on the Timing of Vacant Lot Investment" forthcoming at Real Estate Economics [SSRN

Summary of the studyOnline Appendix    

  • Presentations: ARES Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, 2024; Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, MA, 2024; AREUEA National Meeting, Washington D.C., 2024 (scheduled) 

  • Honors: Lincoln Institute Scholar, 2024; AREUEA Junior Scholars Program, 2024  

  • Media Coverage: CSUF Titan Spotlight;    

"Why Do Young Adults Coreside with Their Parents?" with Arthur Acolin (University of Washington) and Susan Wachter (University of Pennsylvania), Real Estate Economics, Vol 52 (1), 7-44, 2024 [SSRN

Summary of the study, Online Appendix  

"The Price Effects of Greening Vacant Lots: How Neighborhood Attributes Matter" with Shane Jensen (University of Pennsylvania) and Susan Wachter (University of Pennsylvania), Real Estate Economics, Vol 51 (3), 573–610, 2023. [SSRN]

Summary of the studyHigh-resolution map of greened lotsOnline Appendix 

"Mortgage Risk Premiums during the Housing Bubble" with Adam Levitin (Georgetown University) and Susan Wachter (University of Pennsylvania), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Vol 60 (4), 2020. [SSRN

Summary of the study 

  • Presentations: AREUEA National Meeting, Washington D.C., 2018

"Endowments and Minority Homeownership" with Arthur Acolin (University of Washington) and Susan Wachter (University of Pennsylvania), Cityscape, Vol 21 (1), 2019. [SSRN

Summary of the study 

Work in Progress

“Vacant Lot Greening and Business Vibrancy: Evidence from Philadelphia” with Shane Jensen and Susan Wachter

"Yes, in My Backyard: Sharing Economy and Neighborhood Impact in New York City" with Betty Wang

"Academic Achievement, Living Arrangement and Housing Affordability" with Han Na Lim

Working Papers

"Housing Search and Rental Market Intermediation" (Dissertation), 2020 [SSRN]

  • Presentations: ARES Annual Meeting (virtual), 2021; North America Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society (virtual), 2021

  • Honors: Homer Hoyt Doctoral Dissertation Award, AREUEA, 2021; Best Manuscript Award on Real Estate Brokerage, American Real Estate Society, 2021 

"REIT Capital Structure Choices: When Does Preparation Matter?" with Andrey Pavlov (Simon Fraser University), Eva Steiner (Pennsylvania State University) and Susan Wachter (University of Pennsylvania), 2021 [SSRN]

  • Presentations: ASSA-AREUEA Annual Meeting (virtual), 2022

"Land Use Regulation, Regulatory Spillover and Housing Prices" with Susan Wachter (University of Pennsylvania), 2020 [SSRN]

  • Presentations: Annual PhD Conference on Real Estate and Housing, OSU, 2019; AREUEA National Meeting, Washington D.C., 2019; ESCP-TAU-UCLA Conference on Low-Income Housing Supply and Housing Affordability, Madrid, Spain, 2019; Urban Economic Association (UEA), Philadelphia, PA, 2019; AEA-ASSA Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2020; ARES Annual Meeting, Fort Mayers, FL (cancelled due to Covid-19)

"Housing Boom, Mortgage Default and Agency Friction", 2018 [SSRN]

  • Presentations: Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings, Nashville, TN, 2018; 13th Annual Economics Graduate Students Conference, WUSTL, 2018; Penn Macro Lunch, Penn, 2018; ASSA-AREUEA Doctoral Session, Atlanta, GA, 2019


A Literature Review of Career Concerns: Theories and Empirics”, 2015

  • Presentations: UC Santa Barbara Labor Economics Workshop

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